How to Extract RAR Files to ISO on Android

How to Extract RAR Files to ISO on Android

How to Extract RAR Files to ISO on Android:- RAR files on Android are indeed a type of file that is not immediately recognizable. We sometimes get fed up to Extract RAR Files to ISO on Android. Android by default cannot recognize it, unlike multimedia files like MP3, MP4, JPG, PNG, and others. But we can make Android can recognize it by installing an application.

How to Extract RAR Files to ISO on Android - 03

A very common and widely used application use to Extract RAR Files to ISO on Android is ZArchiver which you can get on Google Play or download via at the end of the article later. This application can extract the following file types 7z (7zip), zip, rar, rar5, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, taxi, LZH, lha, lzma, XAR, tgz, TBZ, Z, deb, rpm , Zipx, mtz, chm, dmg, cpio, cramfs.

An ISO file is a type of file that is actually a type of file for DVD, where millions of files are packaged into one type of ISO file. ISO for Android is usually for packing PSP or PPSSPP games. So we actually need to Extract RAR Files to ISO on Android before getting ready to run them.

But to save a size that is quite good, usually, PSP games are packaged again in RAR files. Whereas to be played on the emulator on android it should be an ISO file type.

For how to Extract RAR Files to ISO on Android, we have provided here an appropriate guide for users, so please refer to this, until the end of the article.


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How to Change RAR Files to ISO

There are some of the widely used to change .rar files to ISO, we will discuss few of those ways to use it, over here.

1. Using ZArchiver:-

How to Extract RAR Files to ISO on Android - 01

  1. First install the ZArchiver application on your android first. Can be downloaded at  ZArchiver.APK Free on Playstore.
  2. If Zarchiver has been downloaded from Playstore and installed properly. Then please open the application.
  3. You will see a look like an explorer. Please explore/find the file you want to extract.
  4. If the file is found then click and hold a few seconds until a new menu appears.
  5. Select Extract Here.
  6. The Extraction Process File is Running.
  7. Then you can see there is a New Folder / File in the same directory as the RAR file.
  8. Open the folder. The folder contains iso files.
  9. The ISO file is ready to be played with the PSP Emulator.
  10. If the contents in the folder are .rar files again but have Part Part. For example, there are Part1 to Part10.
  11. Then just extract from the smallest file the order. for example, there is naruto.rar, naruto.r01 to naruto.r10.
  12. Just select naruto.rar and extract the same as the method above.

2. Using the RAR Application:-

Another method to Extract RAR Files to ISO on Android is by using the RAR Application on Android devices. Here given below is a complete step-by-step guide to use RAR Application on Android.

How to Extract RAR Files to ISO on Android - 02

  1. In addition to the above application, we can use an application called RAR. You can find it on the Google Play Store.
  2. Please install free.
  3. If it’s already please point to RAR File and check it.
  4. Then press the Up Arrow symbol on the RAR menu.
  5. Then there is a menu to direct where to extract the file. If it is not changed it will be extracted to the same folder as the location of the RAR file. Then press OK.
  6. If the contents are directly an ISO file, it can be used immediately.
  7. But if the contents are RAR that has part again, please check all parts and extract as usual. See the way above.
  8. It will automatically be extracted into one iso file on your Android device.

So this tutorial hopefully can be useful. How to extract RAR files to ISO on a PC is even easier. You can use a million people software, WinRar, which you can get free on the internet. If you face difficulty in How to Extract RAR Files to ISO on Android, you can always ask us here in the comments section below.

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