Teardown & repair of iPhone 6/6+

Teardown & repair of iPhone 6/6+ : With a larger screen and smooth rounded edges, the iPhone 6/6+ is a dramatic departure from the exterior design that Apple introduced with the iPhone 4. But their are not only just the outside changes, Apple has also made lots of tweaks on the inside bundle, which make the iPhone 6/6+ faster, & able to store more data, and easier to open and repair. Here we are going to tell you the entire process of Teardown repair of iPhone 6/6+.

Teardown & repair of iPhone 6/6+ 1

Unlike the similar looking previous handsets, the iPhone 5 and 5S, there’s no mistaking the iPhone 6 for one of Apple’s devices. Its has got a 4.7-inch display which is larger than anything Apple has given before, also to add is that it is having a much thinner case , and it’s rounded edges give it a distinctive look. And it is also very easy and to teardown & repair iPhone 6/6+.

Unfortunately, many of the iPhone 6/6+ design changes are also hidden within the device and are only visible once you crack it open. Thus we will be telling you all the process and complications of teardown & repair of iPhone 6/6+.

Cracking Open observations :-

Relocated cable of the Home button makes repairs easier:

Teardown & repair of iPhone 6 - 2

Cracking open of the new iPhone 6/6+ is way much easier than cracking opening of it’s previous iPhones. But you will still be needing to remove the two Pentalobe screws which are given along the bottom edge of the device, which can only be done with a special screwdriver. But Apple has relocated and changed the pattern of the ribbon cable on the Home button, which basically means you would no longer be needed to worry about tearing it open, while popping open the front panel of the device. This makes the process of teardown & repair of iPhone 6/6+ way much easier.

Similar Interior design with lots of minor changes:

Teardown & repair of iPhone 6 - 3

The hardware design of iPhone 6/6+, basically looks to be similar to that of the iPhone 5S. Inside the casing of the phone, there you will find a speaker and a lightning connector assembly, down at the bottom, battery is given along the left side of the device. The main circuit design board of iPhone 6/6+ is given over the right side and the camera assembly is situated at the top. The circuit design of iPhone 6/6+ is quite simple and can be easily located. Attached to the front panel are main the display panel, the front camera assembly and sensors. The earpiece, speaker and the Home button are also mounted over there. Despite of such big similarities, there are lots of minor changes introduced in the hardware design of iPhone 6/6+ too. The new metal plate and the attached cable sit just right behind the bigger screen. The vibrational motor is made to move from the top of the device to the bottom of hardware design of iPhone 6/6+. And also the usual power button has also been relocated from the top to the right side of the device. There’s also a small, removable component connected just to the upper left corner of the main logic circuit design board of iPhone 6/6+, which appears to be an antenna.

Redesigned system board:

Teardown & repair of iPhone 6 - 4


The main system circuit design board of iPhone 6/6+, is very much similar to the usual shape and design of the circuit boards in previous iPhones. But it has now got a comparatively larger section, that runs horizontally right across the top of the new iPhone 6/6+.

Teardown & repair of iPhone 6 - 7

But the only problem is that, the shields that cover the iPhone 6/6+’s motherboard are soldered permanently in it’s place, which blocks the view of the components like new A8 processor, M8 motion tracking chip, and most of the other important chips. This step of the Apple is also understandable , as they cannot show everything. Since we wanted to put this phone back together in working condition we did not touch this shields, during our teardown & repair process of iPhone 6/6+.

High powered battery:

Teardown & repair of iPhone 6 - 5

The iPhone 6/6+ has got a new high powered 3.82 V, 1810 mAh, 6.91 Wh battery, as compared to the earlier iPhone 5S’s 3.8 V, 5.92Wh, 1,560 mAh battery and the iPhone 5’s 3.8 V, 5.45 Wh, 1,440 mAh unit. This makes the battery of iPhone 6/6+ more reliable. This is a major change in the hardware design of iPhone 6/6+ .

iSight camera covered with metal brackets :

Teardown & repair of iPhone 6/6+ - 6

During our teardown of the iPhone 5S, we found that the rear-facing camera of that device was covered with just a thin, rubber flap. Apple has replaced this flap with a metal cover in the new iPhone 6/6+. this is impressive change in hardware design of iPhone 6/6+ .

New vibration motor:

Teardown & repair of iPhone 6 - 8


In the iPhone 5S, Apple used just a rotating mass vibration motor. In the new iPhone 6/6+ , the company has switched to a linear actuator vibration motor. This also supports the circuit design of iPhone 6/6+ .

More storage available:

Despite the entry-level iPhone 6 still consists of puny 16GB of storage, the top-end model has got the storage capacity of 128 GB, which is twice of the iPhone 5S (64GB).

Big leap forward :-

There’s nothing revolutionary about the iPhone 6, but Apple definitely took a big leap forward with its hardware design & circuit design of iPhone 6/6+ and also in construction having a bigger screen, newer body, and lots of new or relocated components, which makes the process of teardown & repair of iPhone 6/6+ way much easier.

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