How To Easily Restore iOS 10.2 Without Losing Jailbreak using SemiRestore10-Lite [Guide]

How To Easily Restore iOS 10.2 Without Losing Jailbreak Using SemiRestore 10 Lite [Guide] :- Ever since the release jailbreak exploits for iOS 10/10.2 new tools and packages are being released thick and fast to enhance user experience on jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Joining the ever growing list of iOS 10 jailbreak is the recently released updated version SemiRestore that now comes with the compatibility for iOS 10 jailbreak. In this tutorial, we are going to walk you through the process of using SemiRestore Lite to restore your device to original stock iOS 10.2 version without losing jailbreak status.

The word ‘Lite’ in the SemiRestore Lite indicates that this version of the package can be used directly from your device without having to connect it to PC Windows or Mac device for jailbreak. However, many are still struggling to use SemiRestore 10 properly. To help those users, we are going to explain the process of restore iOS 10.2 without losing jailbreak in a step-by-step guide so that it’s easier for everyone to grasp the process of using SemiRestore Lite.

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Steps To Restore iOS 10.2 Without Losing Jailbreak Using SemiRestore 10 Lite :-

1 – First of all, you will need the access to MTerminal. So make sure it’s installed on your jailbroken device. Those who don’t have it yet can get MTerminal from Cydia and install it on iPhone or iPad like any other jailbreak tweak.

2 – You will also need iFile or Filza file manager app installed on your device. File manager helps you to examine the file system of your device. You can also download and install it file manager from Cydia.

3 – Make sure above packages are properly installed on your device. And then, download SemiRestore10-Lite file from the link here. During download, when prompted to open the file, select iFile or Filza file manager.

4 – This will download the file to the /Documents folder of your device. Do not change the location or fiddle with this file as you will need to enter this location in the command prompt in the steps below.

5 – Now open the MTerminal app on your device.

6 – Type the su command and enter the password for gain super-user rights. Default password is alpine if you haven’t changed it.

7 – Next, type the command below in the MTerminal and hit enter key:

cd /private/var/mobile/Documents

8 – After that, you need to change the permission of the downloaded SemiRestore10-Lite file to execute it by entering the following command:

chmod +x SemiRestore10-Lite

9 – And to execute the file, type the command below:


10 – That’s all. You have now learnt how to use SemiRestore 10 on your device. Congratulations!

This completes the process of restoring your device to iOS 10.2 without removing jailbreak using SemiRestore10-Lite from your device. Have fun custom your device.

Ramneek Singh

Ramneek Singh

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