Firefox OS vs Android OS smartphones

Firefox OS vs Android OS smartphones :- Here we have mentioned the comparison between the two hugely popular operating systems (OS) for the smartphones that are controlling the smartphone market these days the Android Operating System and the Firefox Operating System. We have also mentioned the merits and the demerits of Android OS and Firefox OS. So just read this post thoroughly and you will surely be able to judge best for you.Here we will let you know exactly all round Firefox OS comparison with Android OS.

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1. Firefox Operating System Smartphones :-

  1. These Firefox Operating System Smartphones are really cheap, even cheaper than the cheapest Android Operating System Smartphones by a difference of around Rs. 600/- to Rs. 900/- which is considered a huge gap in economical phone market.This is gonna matter much when we do Firefox OS comparison with Android OS.
  2. The cheap Android Operating System Smartphones when comes in this price range it cannot provide you with best stuff and has to do lots of compromises. But Firefox Operating System Smartphones are made exclusively for this price range , hence they provide you with the best stuff they have to offer with a smooth experience without even getting hanged unlike their rivals the Android OS.This is a main aspect of the fight of Firefox OS vs Android OS.
  3. The Firefox Operating System Smartphones do not have larger apps with huge storage size like the ones in Android OS. Hence even if the your RAM & ROM in Firefox Smartphones are not as much as Android smartphones , you are still saving a lot of memory space in app size.
  4. The apps on Firefox Operating System Smartphones run over the web page hence this improves the performance of phone’s hardware. Most of the apps are being worked upon online instead of downloading them on phone. This compensates the lesser RAM and does not allow the smartphone to slowdown , lag or hang.
  5. Firefox Operating System looks for a dynamic app for your every activity that you perform , based on your history. This saves your extra internet surfing charges and hences saves money for you.Another point score for new comer in Firefox OS vs Android OS.

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2.Android Operating System Smartphones :-


Firefox OS Vs Android OS - 4


  1. A lot of basic features are necessary for a smartphone to have like Whatsapp which is everybody’s first choice and even necessity. In Firefox Operating System Smartphones you are supposed to run such apps using third party app Connect A2 , and how smoothly it works is yet to be seen. You must think on this before you put your money on Firefox Operating System Smartphones. Here Android proves out to be better in Firefox OS comparison with Android OS.
  2. When it comes to number of apps or say the app treasure , Android is much much ahead of any of it’s rivals. No other operating system can even come close to what Android has achieved in past years by building its Play Store with some extraordinary and hugely popular and useful apps. And its not just the Play Store , it’s basically the entire space that Android has created by connecting your Gmail, contacts and even your personal calender. Can Firefox Operating System Smartphones provide you with all of this , it will be interesting to see in the later stages of clash between Firefox OS vs Android OS.
  3. Android Operating System Smartphones users are very large in numbers all across the world and have become brand loyal to Android. Some experts think the entry of Firefox Operating System Smartphones is a bit late in this field and to compete with Android here, Firefox will have to come up with something unique which can turn into a game changer.

Firefox OS Vs Android OS - 3

This fight between Firefox OS vs Android OS is gonna be interesting to see in later stages of this war, but it is very clear that when we do Firefox OS comparison with Android OS, the one which provides consumers with better user experience at reasonable price is gonna surely win, be it either Android OS Smartphones or Firefox OS Smartphones.

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